Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition, Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxy

Precision Fabricators

Precision Fabricators (PFL) manufactures stainless-steel cylinders, canisters, process equipment, bubblers, ampoules, pressure and reaction vessels for a wide range of purposes. Products may be DOT-certified, bolt-top, clamp top (triclover) or designed to ASME standards.  PFL bubblers are often specified for CVD/ALD processes, ultra-high purity gases, cryogenic applications, pharmaceutical and biologic materials, petrochemicals and hydrogenation processes.  Our facilities have class 10,000  and class 100 cleanroom environments to ensure delivery of clean and ready-to-fill vessels, manifolds and piping. Precision Fabricators is DOT approved to recertify previously used cylinders and maintains new cylinders in stock for rapid delivery in a range of common sizes.

PFL also offers a resealable line of reaction vessels and reactors as alternatives to Parr® Vessels, and provides a choice of o-ring types, seals, fittings and valves to deliver products safe to 3000psi/600deg C. Sealed products receive 100% testing using  nitrogen-pressure and helium-leak tests, and resealable products are similarly tested using custom fittings and fixtures. Precision Fabricators provides engineering design services, an ISO 9001-approved quality system, rapid response, on-time delivery and 7-day/week operations to meet any need.  Visit our product pages or call to learn more.

PFL is now offering Volumetric Expansion / Hydrostatic Pressure Testing for DOT cylinders 4B, 4BA, 4BW, 3A, Medical, Scuba, and Industrial cylinders up to 13.75" in diameter (350mm).  We are serving former customers of Andonian Cryogenics.  Call for details.